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Silicone Ring Rubber Arc Ring Finger Ring

Silicone Ring Rubber Arc Ring Finger Ring

Ring custom manufacturers refer to the surface of the silicone ring rubber arc ring finger ring

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The company's products are divided into the following categories convex convex bracelet; concave engraved bracelet; convex engraved printing bracelet; concave engraved bracelet; printing bracelet; spray bracelet; stratified bracelet; segmented bracelet ; Color bracelet; luminous bracelet; bracelet ring keychain

Company's existing sales team more than 100 people, every day sold to all parts of the country and around the world more than 100,000 pieces of bracelets.

We rely on excellent quality, competitive prices, good service, won the support of a large number of guests at home and abroad, praise.

 We always firmly believe that "peace of mind" is a gratifying gift to the guests. Over the past few years we serve as the purpose of serving thousands of guests,

Never encountered a crisis of confidence.

Come, we sincerely look forward to your next guest, witness a win-win situation.

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  1. The appearance of beautiful, comfortable, neat edges, not only to ensure the aesthetics, but also improve the bracelet comfort

  2. Customized thickness of the heart, in strict accordance with the requirements of the guests to customize any size, not cutting corners and the material is 100% pure silicone material, not shoddy

  3. Bracelet-related dimensions, adult, youth, kids, front logo, logo logo after the ring color can be customized

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