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Phone Support Silicon Glue Sucker Bracket

Phone Support Silicon Glue Sucker Bracket

Usage: in a safe enough desktop, suck a suction pad on the back of the phone, and support the mobile phone to maintain an oblique position with the horizontal desktop.

Product Details

Matters needing attention:

1, the back of the adsorbed mobile phone must be smooth enough to be more beneficial to the adsorption.

2, do not recommend users to the mobile phone directly accept all bracket suspending weight, it is easy to cause the suction suction accidents caused by lack of focus on mobile phone fell to the ground; 3, if the feeling of the product attraction is not enough, you can try out the water and then sucker, correct operation will greatly improve the sorption performance.

Dust plugs are suitable for use: apple, Samsung, HTC and other headphone interfaces for all 3.5mm models. Vacuum suction type bracket is only applicable to smooth bare metal back shell (such as iphone4/4S, iphone5, I9300) or smooth surface protective shell.

Special note: as shown in the picture hanging for the show, not free, you need to contact customer service.

Specification: about 3.5*2.5CM

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