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Why Silicone Tableware Is More And More Popular
Dec 26, 2017

In fact, the reason why silicone cutlery popular in foreign countries because of the advantages of silicone cutlery itself:

a. Silicone tableware using food-grade silicone material molding, silicone material internationally recognized non-toxic and tasteless environmental safety.

b. Silicone tableware Compared to other materials, the great advantages of tableware are: the fall; ceramic, glass, stainless steel and other tableware has a fatal weakness is: fragile, although the plastic tableware can be dropped, but the plastic hardness, after the fall It is inevitable that there are incomplete or crack rips; and silicone tableware accidentally fell to the ground, there will be no signs of any damage, but also when the fall will not sound.

c. tableware will inevitably steamed, boiled, roasted, cooking, etc., which require the need for high temperature performance, but you do not need to worry about such a problem; because of the temperature characteristics of silica gel, at temperatures up to 240 ℃ high temperature Deformation, no deterioration, -40 ℃ will not produce hardening phenomenon, but will not appear melting, aging, yellowing phenomenon, so you can easily classify cooking without classification.

d. Silicone tableware Things have a relative role in insulation, silica gel with the temperature with the integration, whether hot or cold can protect the food's own temperature, which played a role in insulation.

e. Silicone tableware easy to clean, because it does not oily silica gel, do not absorb oil, but also has desiccant properties; so silicone tableware is easy to clean.

f. There is also a great advantage is: silicone tableware can be folded, such as: silicone folding bowl, silicone folding cup, silicone folding lunch boxes, etc., folding tableware footprint area is greatly reduced.

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