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What Is The Relationship Between Platinum Vulcanizing Agent And Silicone?
Dec 26, 2017

Platinum vulcanizing agent, also known as platinum water, A / B two component, it is in the presence of a catalyst, hydrogen silicone oil and vinyl double bond hydrosilylation reaction, so as to achieve the purpose of cross-linking vulcanization, it needs Together with the use of silica raw materials, play a role in curing. So what is its performance?

1, any new low molecular weight infertility occurs, no smell;

2, health level in line with FDA, SGS, LFGB certification, more than any other similar products with ease;

3, a curing is completed;

4, good dimensional stability, low compression rate;

5, save time and energy saving, improve the effectiveness of consumption while reducing consumer costs;

6, mechanical function has been greatly improved.

Platinum vulcanizing agent and Shin-Etsu Silicone raw material have no odor after vulcanization, high sanitary and environmental protection grade, high transparency of silicone tube, stable size and low shrinkage rate, and great progress in product tensile strength, tear strength and rebound.

Platinum vulcanizing agent is also relative to other vulcanizing agents, platinum vulcanization of environmental safety is better, it has no smell after vulcanization with silicone, high level of environmental hygiene, silicone transparency, product tensile strength, rebound performance greatly improved. Widely used in medical supplies, baby products, cutlery supplies and other industries.

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