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Silicone Tube Environmental Protection, No Smell Of The Secret
Dec 26, 2017

Due to the development of technology, silicone products have been used in medical, electronics, industrial and many other fields. Silicone tubes can also be seen in drinking fountains in life. However, some industrial silicone tubes are very smelly, mainly And curing related. Vulcanization of the general industry is divided into general vulcanization and platinum vulcanization, the former curing speed, high yield, but it will contain odor, suitable for industrial use. Platinum sulfide curing process is complex, the product out of the basic smell, high quality, used in medical and other demanding industries.

The silicone tube curing time is directly related to product quality problems, when the curing time is too short or too long, will lead to product failure. If the vulcanization time is too short, then the molded silicone tube may appear unfamiliar phenomenon, if the vulcanization time is too long, the product will appear bubbling or burst phenomenon. The entire molding process of vulcanization is very poor control, especially some of the more complex structure of silicone mold, vulcanization time and curing temperature are very sensitive.

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