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Silicone Material Used In Toys, Buttons, Seals On The Advantages
Dec 26, 2017


Toy silica gel non-toxic and harmless, harmless to children's body, and insulation, high chemical inertness, is the ideal toy making raw materials.


Silicone soft feel, full flexibility is often used to make the product button, or by the second injection of the way it will be the perfect blend of other materials together, with the button waterproof.


Pressure cookers of the ring, Lok buckle buckle crisper, cups, etc. need to seal the lid of the product, will be the first choice of silica gel.

From the perspective of industrial design, silicone can also be made of silicone mold, silicone mold is the production of handicrafts special mold plastic, silicone is characterized by high temperature, corrosion resistance, tear strong, simulation is high, is to do a variety of handicrafts Special molds.

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