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PVC Soft Plastic Refrigerator The Correct Use Of Stickers
Dec 26, 2017

The use of PVC soft plastic refrigerator has been very extensive, but the initial users do not know how to paste. Refrigerator on the Internet to find the relevant information, there are friends found in the relevant website consulting off PVC soft gel refrigerator stickers and other similar issues, yes, refrigerator paste it has a very good practicality, the current PVC soft plastic refrigerator has been widely used.

Specific PVC soft glue how to paste it?

A general fridge magnet affixed to the back of the magnet, there are two common soft and hard magnetic, which was also called magnetic refrigerator and soft touch refrigerator stickers, which can be adsorbed on the refrigerator any position, the built-in magnet Refrigerator stickers, does not affect the appearance of the overall appearance, but it can also be adsorbed on any magnet can be adsorbed on top of household items, such as desks, wine cooler, bar and any other places you like, of course, Fan fan heat vents, so as not to hinder the refrigerator fan heat.

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