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Analysis - Mobile Phone Silicone Hair Aging Yellow
Dec 26, 2017

We use the phone we are all this is a fragile electronic products, a do not pay attention may be broken, can not use. So we all use a cell phone silicone case, cell phone silicone case can protect our mobile phone protective case material is soft, flexible, protective equipment, according to the thickness of the silicone sleeve, has a certain cushioning effect, if the thickness is sufficient, coupled with structural design Properly protected products have anti-fall function, the normal state of use, accidentally slipped to the ground, you can effectively avoid the collision between the machine and the ground damage.

Silicone case aging for many reasons, first of all, we want to see is the use of the environment and the user's field, and some friends more care for their protective sleeve, and some friends do not cherish, indifferent attitude, so before long it appeared Aging, the reason that the factors that account for a large part of the reason.

There are also some reasons why some places such as ozone, dampness, glare, liquid oxygen and the like can not be entertaining under some circumstances. However, cracks, discoloration and yellowing occur after long-term use, and gradually they begin Aging oxidation reaction occurs faster.

Material itself has been a problem, some silicone raw materials, organic tin mobile curing agent and reinforcing curing agent conflict, the deployment of a little bit of difference between the beginning of the fixed effect is not good, polysulfide polysulfone and carbamic acid Ethyl or amine-containing products can not be saturated, after the addition of compound reaction, there is the phenomenon of the overall non-solidified and fixed-line incomplete, so the material silicone products manufacturers in the processing of poor mobility, the product appears explosive side, different hardness , Stretch rebound to reduce the phenomenon.

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