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Why silicone and curing agent to stir?
Dec 26, 2017

Silicone and curing agent to stir. Otherwise there will be dry in the table dry, or uneven curing situation, this situation will result in mold scrapped, to try to avoid.

Because then the use of large mold filling products, a waste of silica gel to increase costs, and second, the product will be too easy to crush the silicone mold deformation or rupture, but if you choose a brush mold, then you can add more layers of gauze to enhance the mold Toughness and strength, coupled with the support of the outer mold naturally not easily crushed or deformed.

According to the size of the product to choose the right hardness silicone.

1. Small items, generally softer silicone is more appropriate. Because the mold when the silicone is too hard will be very fragile, it is easy to break the small parts of the product, this will result in mold not durable Oh.

2. Large products, such as stone cement itself so hard and so heavy, if the use of soft mold silicone material, the mold is not it easier to be crushed? Because the silicone is too soft, it will reduce the tensile and tear strength, made out Mold will be deformed, the service life will naturally be reduced.

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