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Silicone What harm
Dec 26, 2017

Many people doubt the merits of silicone products, resulting in anxiety about their psychology. Such as silicone products which harm? Silicone products in the end there is no poison?

If it is absolutely safe to say silicone products which is impossible, but that we are using it in the specified security environment is safe and reliable. So what happens under the conditions of silicone products what harm?

Silicone products for children under the age of three may cause asphyxiation and serious life-threatening. They do not have mature judgment skills for young children and tend to put small-sized products into vulnerable and sensitive parts such as mouth, eyes and nose , So we remind everyone, we must pay attention to keeping small pieces Baishun silicone gift plants, to avoid unnecessary losses

Ordinary silicone products should not be used for chemical products such as strong acid and alkali, ordinary silicone products reach the appropriate level of safety, may be corrosive, if not much heart contact, will cause fatal injuries

Should not overestimate the ability of silicone products, many people think that silicone products can withstand high temperatures, it will ignore a lot of security risks, should not be used for long-term high-temperature silicone products broiled.

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