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Silicone tube accuracy and the relationship between the mold?
Dec 26, 2017

Extruded silicone tube in the feed, after the mold, the final high temperature bake out of shape, during the temperature changes with time and the size of the tube appears different, which requires the operator before and after the control of tolerance at any time, the normal diameter of 5MM The following line of standards is the standard range of positive and negative 0.1MM allowed, if the diameter of 5-10MM there will be a plus or minus 0.15MM standard, so the larger the size of the silicone tube, not to say that can not be opened, that is, tolerance Will increase with the size of a corresponding increase, silicone products manufacturers can tell you as long as the silicone tube diameter of 100 or less are not open mold, it should be noted that the quality of the mold must be checked, because Mold directly affect the quality of large goods, will also affect the overall production efficiency.

Therefore, the accuracy of the silicone tube not only has a close relationship with the mold, and the production process and the level of operation is also affected the scope of tolerance silicone tube, silicone tube manufacturers choose a good company is particularly important, in particular the production of high-precision silicone tube must be Careful choice, in order to get a good product quality.

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