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Silicone products white foam what is the reason?
Dec 26, 2017

Silicone products widely used in various industries, making the development of silicone industry is thriving, more and more people use silicone products in life, we can see that silicone products are favored by many consumers, as we Silicone products factory should do a good job of silicone product quality, So what are the causes of white bubbles in silicone products?

Silicone products appearance of many adverse factors! There are many common causes of appearance will often be returned or rework customers, the appearance of the reasons will inevitably bring losses to manufacturers! In the quality of silicone we can from the wear resistance, flexibility, anti-fatigue , Tear strength and tensile strength, hardness and tensile stress and other five aspects to determine, is not a good product, what are the life of silicone products because of the appearance of the reasons for manufacturers to worry about it?

There are white bubbles in the product, but the anatomical area is empty or white. The main reason is that there is air in the silica gel material. During the high-temperature and high-pressure vulcanization process, the pressure in the product is too high to expand the air in the product or Curing time is too long or too short, the mold temperature is too high, the number of exhaust too many reasons for the second is the lack of lead, and some silicone products factory workers in the mold before the uneven material, and some more Less, resulting in a shortage of processed products. Vulcanization temperature in the vulcanization process is too high, the machine is too small pressure can lead to product failure. In the process of molding temperature is too high will accelerate the vulcanization of silicone rubber products, silicone rubber products in the molding die flow performance will decline, it will lead to the size of silicone products is too small, the thickness of the partial lead to poor.

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