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Silicone performance characteristics
Dec 26, 2017

Silicone waterproofing agent is a rigid waterproof material used in liquid construction. This product generates methylsilane under the action of water and carbon dioxide and further condenses into a polymer compound and a reticulated silicone resin film. The product is sprayed on a variety of building materials and building surfaces, can form a colorless, no visible hydrophobic coating, can effectively prevent the infiltration of water, but also can be mixed with mortar or concrete, play a waterproof, moisture-proof , Impermeability, pollution prevention, breathable role, is a practical, simple, low cost new waterproof material. Has the following major features:

Excellent water resistance: Treated walls, water was rolling drops of water, a similar lotus leaf ball effect, the wall is always in a dry state.

Breathability: Airtight waterproof coating, blocking the moisture inside the building materials distribution, the building surface coating blistering (drums), cracking, peeling, and this can be coated with water-based agent, the development of innovative ideas, it is both waterproof And breathable.

Moisture, mildew, not long moss, the use of the surface of the wall and the interior has always been dry. Thus the wall never moldy, long moss.

Anti-pollution, weathering and color retention durability, construction convenience, safe use.

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