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Silicone bottle is good and matters needing attention
Dec 26, 2017

The traditional bottle is plastic, and plastic in the production must be added a lot of antioxidants, plasticizers, stabilizers, these additives are harmful to the human body, and plastic in high temperature conditions will excrete environmental hormone substances And accumulate in the body's adipose tissue. The silicone bottle does not contain environmental hormones, the use of medical-grade silicone production, the baby safe and healthy. Silicone is also a kind of breathable material, even if placed at room temperature, breast milk is not perishable, when frozen or frozen to better maintain the freshness of breast milk. Because silicone is harmless, colorless, odorless material, so we can be safe to use.

Soft baby bottle

Silicone material because of its own characteristics, the texture is very soft, pat the baby feel like the skin of the same feeling

Wash and disinfect

Disinfection in boiling water or in a microwave oven will not result in deformation. Silicone bottles are more resistant to heat than ordinary plastic bottles and will not cause problems for a long time. Remove the plastic part, only the silicone bottle and pacifier in the water disinfection (disinfection: one to two times a week).

No smell

Silica gel is a colorless, tasteless, non-toxic raw materials, food or liquid put a long time will not produce the kind of plastic or rubber containers taste, you can maintain freshness.

Easy to carry

When going out, you can put a few teats and bottles (silicone parts) separated after the release. Reduce the volume, easy to carry.


Silicone bottle does not contain harmful environmental hormones for babies, nor toxic, no need to change bottle, just need to change the nipple can be long-term use. The baby can grow up and replace it with a lid.

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