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How to go to flash silicone parts
Dec 26, 2017

Silicone products factory in the production of silicone parts, often difficult to remove burrs headache. Silicone products trim the burr clean, in order to achieve good results. However, due to raw materials and processing technology may cause rough deburring of the product, or fail to achieve good results, resulting in product failure and other adverse conditions.

Below for everyone to analyze why the silicone parts to the flash so hard and how to improve:

1, the curing temperature is too high or curing time is too long.

Once the temperature is too high or the vulcanization time is too long, the silicone product will cause the product to become numb or brittle after forming, whether numb or brittle, which will greatly affect the disassembly.

2, the curing temperature is too low or curing time is too short.

Resulting in brittle silicone products, silicone rubber products are not fully vulcanized when highly flexible, so when the edge is not easy to disassemble the edges and products.

3, mold unreasonable design or production quality, but the customs or the mold is worn over time

Mold design when the mold is unreasonable, making the mold from the demolition of the mouth is not sharp will lead to difficult to disassemble the product after molding. In addition, the mold in the production process of wear and tear, or sandblasting too much can also cause the demolition Tuotun also affect the silicone product molding self-demolition performance.

4, forming thickness is too thick

Note: As long as the molding in the case of qualified size as thin as possible.

5, silicone raw material problems

Poor quality of the rubber, there is insufficient tear strength, poor toughness, after forming it is easy to cause rupture

All in all, now silicone products burrs can be divided into three types, artificial trimming, frozen trimming, mechanical trimming.

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