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How to distinguish genuine silicone?
Dec 26, 2017

1. In terms of properties, silicone is harmless to the human body because it is a non-toxic, odorless and colorless chemical with good texture, which is hard for fake silica gel products To achieve these effects, under normal circumstances, fake and shoddy silicone products will have some toxic and pungent smell, compared to the real silicone products texture is relatively rough.

2. From the hand side, silicone products due to the nature of the material, its toughness, flexibility are very good, will not be permanent deformation under the action of external forces, and feel will feel smooth, and counterfeit silicone products on the contrary , Prone to deformation, and feels feels rough, mainly due to the fake silicone products without a layer of fat-like substances on the surface.

In addition to these two points, we can also identify the true and false silicone products by flame combustion, usually, the fake silicone products will appear in the combustion of black smoke, the residue is black powder, and with some thorns Nasal smell, then the real silicone products, no matter what the color will appear when burning white smoke, the combustion residue is white powder

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