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Food grade silicone tube features
Dec 26, 2017

Silicone tube has been used in many industries, in our lives are everywhere. However, due to differences in raw materials and manufacturing processes, the quality of silicone tube is also varied.

Food grade silicone hose is a use of the flexibility of silicone, high air tightness, resistance to media, weather resistance and radiation resistance and other characteristics, the use of high strength, hot and cold stability of polyester cord fabric skew and After compound, after high pressure, high temperature mold curing products;

Food-grade silicone tube is to be in direct contact with the human body so silicone tube manufacturers need to be very strictly in accordance with food-grade standards to produce, sell, food-grade certification has many standards, different countries, the natural standard is not the same in China, the basic SGS / ROHS / REACH certification can be environmentally friendly food grade, but if there is a different way of certification in foreign countries, such as the United States is the FDA, the EU side is LFGB, there are some special UL certification, different certification of the raw materials used are not the same , The price is not the same, only through the food hygiene standards in various countries certification and related tests, can be environmentally friendly food grade silicone hose.

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